Big Chill 2002
Oscoda, Michigan - July 27 to August 2, 2002

General Info Click on a title to view its picture. Use your browser's "back" function to return to this page. All the pictures posted here are reduced in size and have less resolution than the originals to make them easier to download, and to save server space. A few of them have been tweaked with a photo editor to improve contrast and/or brightness.

One of the signs of a good vacation is the luxury to neither know nor care what day it is. This has resulted in our not being 100% sure in a couple of cases as to what picture was taken on which day. Please let us know if you think one's out of place.

Pictures are from the Russell family archives, except those marked with a * which are provided courtesy of the Harrison family.

Jim & Sue
July 27
We arrived late in the afternoon, and didn't get the camera unpacked until very late.
July 28
At the Van Ettan Lake cottage.

Later, at Bob & Terri's house, a 50th birthday party for Rich.
July 29
Another day at the cottage.

Back to Lake Huron for dinner.

July 30
Yet another day at the cottage.

Lake Huron, twilight.
July 31
Twin Manor Chain Gang.


Back at Twin Manor.

August 1
Twin Manor.

Out for Dinner.

August 2
Twin Manor.

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